whole genome resequencing of Chinese cattle, Red Angus cattle and Japanese Black cattle

Bos Indicus introgression

      In order to get specific introgression regions in QCC(Qinchuan cattle), the following filter condition was 
  used to extract specific variants. 1)Non-reference frequency of QCC should more than 0.1; 2) Non-reference 
  frequency  should be 1 in LQC(Leiqiong cattle) and 0 in JBC(Japanese Black cattle) and RAN(Red Angus cattle) 
  across the entire  genome. Frequency distributions were performed to search introgression from Bos indicus. 
  You can download these whole genome files attachment bellow.  
        download:.Introgression from indicine into Qinchuan cattle.zip

Selection signals in the whole genome

      Selection signals of these Files include FST, Tajima’s D and XPEHH about Japanese Black cattle vs 
  QinChuan cattle  and Red Angus cattle vs QinChuan cattle. You can download these files attachment bellow. 
        download:selection sigals of whole genome.zip

    Qinchuan cattle

    Japanese Black cattle

    Red Angus cattle